How Far In Advance Should We Book Time?

Though time is often available with shorter notice, 60-90 days ahead is usually best. A deposit is required to hold any dates you book.

How Much Does It Cost To Record // How Long Will It Take Us To Record?

This is entirely dependent on your individual project, budget and vision. Send an e-mail to and let's discuss the options!

Do You Have Parking // Is My Car Safe?

Yes, the studio has it's own parking lot and is located right on Main Street in Goodlettsville, so there's plenty of traffic and security around the clock.

How Far Are You From other areas of Nashville?

It's 10-15 minutes to East Nashville, 20-30 to downtown/Music Row or the Nashville airport, and about 30-45 to the Brentwood area.

What Do We Need To Bring To Record?

Bring anything you think you will need to be creative. If you have a crazy guitar pedal you rarely use or a weird amp that your dad found in a pawn shop, they might come in handy in the studio. If you like your tone, you should bring whatever you need to make it happen.

There are some great guitars, drums, basses and pedals here as well. If you are feeling lazy or aren’t happy with the equipment you own, we most likely have what you need. At the very least, plan to bring:

  • Guitars
  • Pedals
  • New Guitar and Bass Strings
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Cymbals (yes, that includes hi-hats)
  • New Drumheads

If you have any more specific questions about gear, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

Do You Mix Or Master Records You Didn’t Record?

Yes. We mainly work as a tracking and mixing studio currently, but have experience mastering as well.

Do You Use Auto-Tune // Melodyne?

Yes, more often than not, but this decision is always based on the needs of the individual project.

Do You Use Beat Detective?

No, while almost all the drums tracked here go through some editing, it's all done by human hand. It's more time consuming but keeps the performances more dynamic and true to the player's personality.

Do You Trigger // Sample Drums?

This is the same as vocal tuning - more often that not, yes. However, this is another decision made based on the project. Not only whether or not we will use samples at all, but also how many and what 'style' of sample gets used varies drastically. Most of the time the samples being used will be samples of the drums you played in the studio (we will make samples of your drums if you don't use ours), used to support and enhance the live drum sound, not to replace them.