I am always willing to offer my services as a studio musician to artists or bands to fill out the sound of their recordings with any combination of the following:

| Drums
| Lead/Rhythm Electric Guitars
| Lead/Rhythm Acoustic Guitars
| Bass
| Piano/Keyboards/Synths
| Banjo
| Mandolin
| Vocals (Male usually, but I've done a LOT of Katy Perry karaoke)

I've also had a fantastic time performing and touring with acts in almost every genre, and I still love the chance to get out of the studio and perform live. I regularly take gigs playing rhythm/lead/bass guitar and singing both backup and lead vocals, as well as playing drums and singing, and occasionally playing some keys/synth.

Here are a few bands I've been a part of and artists I've performed with live or in the studio:

Unifier // lead vocals+guitars (L/S)
Lainey Wilson // guitars+bass+drums+vocals (L)
                            // guitars+drums+bass+keys+banjo+mandolin (S)
Kasey Tyndall // guitars+bass+drums+backing vocals (L)
                            // guitars+drums+bass+keys+banjo+mandolin+backing vocals (S)
Jacob Powell // bass (L)
JT Hodges // bass (L)
Kate Grom // bass (L)
Bruxes // bass+synth+vocals (L/S)
120 Minutes ('90s cover band) // vocals+guitars+drums (L)
Julia Sheer // guitars+bass+keys (S)
Jason Michael Carroll // guitars+drums+bass+keys+banjo+mandolin (S)
Katie Garfield // guitars+drums+bass+keys+banjo+mandolin (S)
Jason Martin // guitar (L/S)
Beau James // drums (L)
Johnny Drennan // guitars+drums+bass (S)
Dave McElroy // bass (L)
Erin Nenni // drums (L)
                     // guitars+drums+bass+keys+banjo (S)
HundredftFaces // lead vocals+guitar+bass (L/S)
Bless Your Heart (Live hip-hop DJ mashups/covers) // guitar+keys+vocals (L)
Jon Sebastian & The Trespassers // drums+backing vocals (L/S)
Daisyhead // guitar (S)
Jack The Radio // drums (L)
The Arcane Heart // bass+lead guitar+backing vocals (L)
To Speak of Wolves // lead guitar (L)
Panels // vocals+synth/keys (L)
            // vocals+synth/keys+guitars+bass (S)
American Joy // drums+backing vocals (L)
                          // drums+backing vocals+guitars+keys (S)
Gage West // guitars (S)
In The Name of Love (U2 Tribute) // drums (L)
The Party Line // lead guitar+vocals (L)
                             // lead guitar+vocals+bass+drums+keys (S)
Bear Girl // drums (L)

Here's a playlist of videos floating around the internet where I'm performing with some of the acts listed above: